Fire Station 1: 23520 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

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On Saturday, December 19 at 10am ESD 48 will open a new transitory fire station near Highway 99 and Interstate 10 (23520 Kingsland Blvd and Cobia Dr.) that greatly improves its emergency response capabilities in the West Houston-Katy area.

Fire Chief Jeff Hevey said, "the District eventually will build a long-term facility in the area, but the new transitory station provides immediate improvement for emergency response time." Battalion Chief Les Fulgham, who spearheaded efforts to open the new fire station, says the new site is great progress for the departments efforts to enhance service and response times in the western portion of ESD 48's service area. “Given the nature and intensity of our work, being able to operate from a better location with quick access to both highways is a great advantage,” Fulgham said.

Fire Station 3: 1773 Westgreen Blvd., Katy, TX 77450

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The original Station 3 was built in 1995 and was demolished to make room for the new "modern" station serving the community well into the future. The new station plans to house a ladder truck (L-3), a fire engine (E-3), and a medic unit (Medic 3). In addition, there is a reserve engine and a reserve medic unit that will be housed at this station. This new station contains dorm rooms, a commercial style kitchen, an equipped exercising room, shower facilities, a laundry area, offices and a multiple use area. This new modern station is designed with an emergency generator and will be wind resistant and able to handle many weather scenarios. This station will help ensure that emergency personnel and equipment will be safe during incumbent situations and remain able to respond to calls for assistance to our community.

Fire Station 4: 22855 Franz Road, Katy, TX 77449

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Station 4 is located along Franz Road, between Mason Road and Grand Parkway. In 2007 the original station was demolished to build the current state of the art facility. The plans are for the station to house a ladder truck (Tower-4), a fire engine (E-4) and a medic unit (Medic-4). The station also has EMS and fire offices, training/meeting room, day room, kitchen facilities and dormitory rooms. It also houses a radio room for the local HAM Radio operators (KARS) and accommodates their monthly meetings. This station is a manned station and is staffed 24 hours a day with both Fire and EMS personnel.

Fire Station 5:
21201 Morton Rd, Katy, TX 77449

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The new Station #5 is a state-of-the-art fire station located on Morton Road.

  • The Station serves our northern and western response areas of HCESD 48.
  • Also located on this site is our new administrative building with management offices, training and education conference rooms, and other administrative services.
  • The third building on this site is the Support Services Building which includes the maintenance shop and the inventory/supply area.

Future Station: Porter Road

This location is being developed as a training facility. Anticipating the growth potential in the North West end of the territory and the future need for a station in that area, HCESD 48 purchased 25 acres of land on Porter Road between Morton Ranch Road and Clay Road in 1999. That foresight has proven valuable as with the new surge in area development and the Grand Parkway nearing completion, land availability is becoming scarce and the prices have sky rocketed. The site has been prepared for development by digging a water retention pond and improving the site drainage. However, this site currently has no utilities and is not located within an existing Municipal Utility District. HCESD 48 will continue to monitor growth and call volumes to indicate when it is necessary to proceed with further development.